The Mission of the House of Yahweh (HOY) is to serve the economically exploited and the impoverished, especially women and children, so they can attain greater fullness of life. To accomplish this end, HOY commits to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other supportive services to these people and to direct and guide them along the path to independence.

Second Beginnings -- THE  NOW!  2015...

The on-going miracle of HOY is that we depend totally upon donations to keep us going, enabling us to serve the “dear neighbor”-- and the donations keep coming.  A humble “Ask” is necessary to let you know our needs and how you can help.  We need cash donations.  Gifts in Kind donations have increased.  HOY receives thousands of dollars worth of gifts in kind (merchandise) Monday through Saturday from supermarkets, restaurants and retail businesses in the local area.   We run our two Thrift Shops almost totally with slightly used items.


Cash donations are down substantially.  We need cash to process and activate the gifts in kind we receive. If you are not presently donating would you consider becoming a donor?


  • Charter sponsor (donate $50 or more a month),
  • A Friend of HOY (donate $25 to $49 monthly) or
  • Become a regular donor (donate any amount, any time).


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A Message from Sister Michele Morris, Executive Director


The driving force that makes the House of Yahweh successful is LOVE.


One act of kindness done out of love is eternal.


Without love -- acts, no matter how good, are just that – acts.


Thank you for supporting HOY with your loving acts of kindness these past 32 years!


Contact Information


4046 Marine Avenue

Lawndale, CA 90260


Phone: +310-675-1384

Fax:     + 310-644-1337

E-mail: info@hoy-southbay.org

The House of Yahweh (HOY) is a non-profit charitable corporation, providing a variety of services for the poor and needy in the South Bay community.  HOY rules for acceptance and participation in our program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap.

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