The mission of the House of Yahweh is to serve the economically
exploited and impoverished, especially women and children, so they
can attain greater fullness of life. To accomplish this end, the House of
Yahweh commits to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other
supportive services to these people and to direct and guide them
along the path into independent living.

The House of Yahweh is located at
4046 Marine Ave,
Lawndale, California.

Have you ever wondered how the House of Yahweh got its name
and how it started? These words, "My Home, the House of Yahweh
Forever" are taken from the Good Shepherd Psalm, Ps. 23:6. 25 years
ago, when the House of Yahweh was but a hope and a dream, Sister
Michele and Lyndon Reed (2 of the 5 co-founders) did a lot of praying.
One morning while praying Psalm 23, those very words spoke out to
them. Right then and there the House of Yahweh was named and
dedicated to God. It has always been God's House, a "home", a place
of welcome and refuge for all persons who entered its doors.

Getting started was a slow, and sometimes painful process. At that
time we had no land, no money just the strong desire to reach out to
the poor and needy in the south Bay. Finding the spot that was to
become our home for 21 years was a miracle because there just
wasn’t any available land to be found. But it happened and the rest
is history. We’ve become known as a soup kitchen and serving good
meals became our trademark. Over the years our “soup kitchen”
quickly evolved into a Social Service Center with expanded services
which has included food outreach, emergency food, home deliveries
of food, clothing and furniture outreach, advocacy, referrals, case
management and most importantly—housing.

Getting the money to start the House of Yahweh was a challenge. At
the time Sister Michele was ministering at St. Catherine Laboure
Catholic Church involved in Parish renewal weekends there. Those
weekends worked as a powerful tool to “wake people up” to reach
out and take action to help others. Sister approached the Pastor and
told him she needed monies to start the House of Yahweh. She was
confident that she could make $20,000 in two weekends if he would
let her make an appeal for funds in church. She was so sure the
people would respond to her request that she promised to return the
money if she didn’t raise the $20,000 in the allotted time. What she did
not know was that the pastor, at the same time, was going to be
appealing for funds also to rebuild the rectory that had burned down.

Did Sister raise the $20,000? Not then, but she did collect over $8,000
in cash and pledges. She kept her promise though about returning
the funds. She and a few other people phoned each donor and said,
“We are going on with the project. Would you like your money back or
may we keep it for seed money?” 99% of the people said, “Keep the
money” and get on with the project. We’re with you.” With this
money and a small group of ardent Renewal people, Sister and her
Board of Directors—(the 5 founders)—started the House of Yahweh.

Every tree comes from a tiny seed that gets planted in the ground
and has to split open to birth new life. The seed grows invisibly, silently
and slowly and for a long time it seems like nothing is happening, but
it is. The small shoot appears and it too grows slowly and silently into a
gigantic tree. What a mystery? That is why the House of Yahweh
chose the “tree of life” for its logo.

We view our logo in two ways—as the “burning bush” and as “the
tree of life”. Exodus:3 in the Old Testament, describes the
wonderment of Moses when he looked and saw a bush blazing but it
was not being burnt . God called to him from the middle of the bush
and gave him a mission—to deliver his people from Pharaoh and lead
them out of Egypt into the Promised Land. In 1981 we did not see a
burning bush but we chose it for our logo and symbol because we felt
called by God to help his people—”to feed the hungry, cloth the
naked and shelter the homeless..” Mt.25:35.

As “the tree of life” we see this tree as reaching out its branches
welcoming and receiving all who come there to rest in its branches or
to seek shelter and shade beneath them. The House of Yahweh has
always welcomed and continues to welcome each person who
comes for help or just a place to rest for awhile regardless of their race,
color, creed, code or handicap.

Like the seed that produces the tree, the House of Yahweh has
grown slowly and silently over the years with little fanfare but with lots
of people supporting its works with their time, money and talent.

About Us
The House of Yahweh is a non-profit
charitable corporation, providing a variety
of services for the poor and needy in the
South Bay community.
Easter gift baskets
The House of Yahweh rules for acceptance and participation in our program are the same for
everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap.